Wedding thoughts…

I return, to share a little more of this big celebrations of ours.

When I say big, although I mean big, I don’t mean that for us it was ever meant to be big…

Are you still with me?

I am (we are) a pretty unfussy person when it comes to weddings. For me, it’s a marriage, it’s the joy of marrying someone who is everything to me. But… there’s always a but… we found ourselves with a bigger day that we ever envisaged.

Let me rewind.

My parents are divorced and I haven’t lived back home for over 14 years, getting married in Italy would have meant a ‘sided’ location (i.e. my paternal side of the family), plus having moved to Manchester when I was 16, I feel strongly belonging to this city, it’s also where we met.


We decided to get married in Manchester.

So far, so good.

But then, when we started looking at the guests list, we couldn’t bring ourselves to have one of those weddings where you cap the guests at xx number for the sake of it. Goodbye plans of an intimate wedding! Anyhow, we thought, what the heck we don’t need fancy cars, I certainly don’t need an expensive dress and we don’t need professional photographers either! We’ll just have one super party with all our loved ones (family and friends), good food and a jolly good time.

The venue was found, the registrar was found, all in good time, all stress-free, 18 months in advance.

I was completing my MSc, my OH was starting his PhD, when the so dreaded nightmare happened.

An email, just an email from the venue saying, in essence, “Sorry, change of plans, you can’t have your wedding here anymore!”. Three weeks away from me handing in my MSc thesis. 10 days of hell, tears and many grey hair, believe you me.

We found Plan B, and it was better than Plan A, but the wedding, to me, keeps on feeling like it’s ballooning faster than I can keep up with.

And to tell you the truth, it isn’t such a big wedding as average weddings go lately, but to me, the girl who wanted an intimate, city hall wedding this is a little overwhelming.

I thought at first I was the only one panicking and feeling like this wasn’t my wedding at all (who doesn’t, actually?!) and I was so pleased when I found the only blog I have enjoyed reading (and still do): “A Practical Wedding”. There, I have been able to read so many stories of so many brides going through exactly what I am feeling. Phew! I am not going nuts, good to know!

I am learning to letting things go, to take their natural course. Amongst the chaos, I am touched by the love of some many people, family and friends, who are helping us no end… and if I can stop hyper-ventilating I can see and picture what a wonderful day it will be.

I am true believer in getting married once in your lifetime (I am an atheist by the way, before anyone tries to pin down any religious meaning on me) so, I guess, I am trying to take a deep breath and go with it! It’s only happening once, make the most of it, and all that!

There are small details that I am keeping hold of, things that I am sourcing locally, with lovely people that are part of my community, or DIY ideas that I am making myself… those are the bits that really brighten up all this chaotic process.

However, I will never get my head round why the W word is such public domain, why is it that everyone, EVERYONE, has an opinion about YOUR wedding and is not shy to share it with you when no one asked them to???????


2 thoughts on “Wedding thoughts…

  1. arrivo in super ritardo a leggere questo post… ma anche io mi sono sentita come te ed alla fine mi sono sposata in Perù con un vestito da 80$, foto sfuocate fatte da una cugina e una festicciola in casa con qualche amico. La mattina ci siamo svegliati, vestiti e la sera ci siamo abbracciati non troppo stanchi e confusi. I miei genitori non sono venuti perchè non amano viaggiare, ero l’unica della mia famiglia, sai ? davanti al giudice di pace eravamo in 4, io, Victor ed i due testimoni. E’ stato emozionante. A me piace così, magari offendo amici e parenti, ma i momenti importanti della mia vita, mi piace non diluirli troppo.

  2. Hai tanto ragione, per vari motivi, la scelta di essere un ‘handful of people’ non mi e` riuscito, e forse e` anche bene cosi`. Adesso che ci avviciniamo alla data, sono anche eccitata, ormai e` fatta e l’importante e` vivere quel giorno pienamente :) Ma mi piace molto l’idea del tuo matrimonio! x

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